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1980 年米国アリゾナ州・フェニックス生まれ。 高校に入学するまでにアリゾナ・ヤマハ・ピアノ・コンクールを含む 10 以上のクラシック・ピアノ・コン クールで優勝する。高校ではジャズクラブでバンド活動を始め、ジャズの才能を開花させる。 アリゾナ州立大学へ入学後の 2000 年、ジャズ作曲コンクールなどで絶賛され、2007 年には、「COLE PORTER JAZZ PIANO FELLOWSHIP」のファイナリストの一人に選ばれる。


2009 年 来日後、TOKU のバックなど、ジャズ・ピアニストとして活躍。




2017 年 10 月4日、いくつものオファーを断り、より自由に自身が求める演奏の世界を具現化した最新録 音盤を、あえて自主制作でリリース。人気 TV 番組の"ピアノ王決定戦"で優勝し、一躍注目を集めた実力派 イケメン・ピアニストの魂の一作...それが『CINEMATIC PIANO ADVENTURE』だ。




Jacob Koller was born in 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona. Before entering high school he won over 10 piano competitions. He joined his high school jazz band and fell in love with jazz and improvisation. He attended Arizona State University on a full jazz scholarship where he studied jazz and classical piano. He was a top-5 finalist in the prestigious Cole Porter Jazz Piano Fellowship in 2007. He worked with many great jazz musicians in the states until he moved to Japan in 2009.


In Japan he found his voice as an arranger, pianist and composer and released 10 CD’s as a leader and countless more as a sideman working with many famous Japanese and Korean musicians. From 2014 he began playing concert hall tours in Japan and Korea for audiences ranging from 1000-2500 people. In 2015 he twice won a very popular TV piano competition in Japan called “The Piano King.”


In 2017 he started a new collaboration with his brother Ben combining visual elements to his music. His new project “Cinematic Piano Adventure” is a CD, DVD and interactive live performance with the use of original digital projections.

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